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Product ID T50002.47493
17.75"   Silicone Spatula, with High Temp Handle

Price: CDN$24.70
Product ID T30002.37243
Double Sided Comb Scraper, Pointed, Rect.(11 x 7.5 cm)

Price: CDN$1.30
Product ID T50002.48709
Proofing Basket Round 1Lbs - 500g

Price: CDN$30.10
Product ID T50002.48719
Proofing Basket Round 2Lbs - 1000g

Price: CDN$33.70
Product ID T50002.48729
Proofing Basket Round 3.3Lbs - 1500g

Price: CDN$35.70
Product ID T50002.48759
Proofing Basket Oval 1Lbs - 500g

Price: CDN$31.90
Product ID T50002.48769
Proofing Basket Oval 2Lbs - 1000g

Price: CDN$35.70
Product ID T50002.48779
Proofing Basket Oval 3.3Lbs - 1500g

Price: CDN$37.50
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Culinary Glossary

What is a bolster?

It's the raised thick part between the blade and the handle, which usually distinguishes the knife as fully forged.

The bolster acts as a guard providing safety balance, sturdiness, and comfort.

Beware of companies that manufacture knives with an imitation bolster as these knives are invariably cheaper in quality compared against a “one piece fully forged” knife.

Read more glossary terms in our Education Section.

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